Whiskey-throttle toddler causes mayhem in restaurant

Here’s why you shouldn’t let a toddler sit on a running scooter

Whiskey-throttle toddler causes mayhem in restaurant

TWIST-and-goes make riding so easy a toddler could do it.

Well, not quite, as shown by this CCTV footage of the havoc caused when an two-year-old somehow managed to ride one into a restaurant in Thailand.

The scooter careers through the open door and straight into a group of diners as the child’s mother tries to stop it.

A 21-month old boy in a buggy and his six-year-old brother were both sent flying in the impact. They suffered minor bruises and had to go to hospital for checks.

According to local reports the woman had parked her scooter and told her daughter, who had been riding pillion, to get off, when the child accidentally twisted the throttle on Sunday morning.