What makes Lorenzo so good?

It’s no accident that Jorge’s giving the MotoGP establishment a run for their money. He’s packing five big guns in his armoury in particular. Here they are

He loves to slide Jorge gets faster through the course of a race. When the tyres get squirmy, Jorge gets going, frequently setting his best lap at the end: “Not too many riders have this talent. For sure, my father’s training helped me to develop this.”

He's hard as nails The man’s insanely ambitious and dedicated. Groomed to be champion from three, he concentrates so much he seldom has time to read his pit board. And he shrugs off injuries, hitting the rostrum in China and France last year with broken bones in his ankle.

Philosophy Jorge has embraced this 1960’s philosophical system for relaxation and meditation to become a better person. He also uses his Oakley MP3 shades to listen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to help him concentrate on the grid before a race.

Sweat and toil Hard work and long sessions in the pits have built up a strong relationship with chief technician Ramon Forcada. Jorge likes to learn and can translate what the bike is telling him: “I am working on how to understand and develop a bike.”

Control tyres With everyone on the same tyres, the strength of the bike Yamaha and Rossi developed together has become even more obvious. And unlike the Ducati, different riders at different career stages can all go fast on it. Not many as fast as Jorge, however.