Watch: 2011 Speed Triple Dyno run

The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple gets its legs stretched

With the full factory fitted arrow system and map fitted it was time to give the Speed a run on a Dyno to see where the power is at.

Over two runs the best results were as follows;

Power at the crank : 130bhp & 75 ft.lbs torque

Power at the gearbox : 124bhp & 72 ft.lbs torque

Power at the wheel : 119bhp & 69 ft.lbs torque

The bike has covered 4200 miles and is due its first proper service at 6000 so you would expect to see a reduction in power. Triumph claim on a brand new bike the Speed Triple at best puts out 135bhp and 82 ft.lbs torque at the crank with the cans fitted, effectively mine has lost 5bhp and 7ft.lbs of torque.

Despite having the engine mapped to optimize the Arrow exhausts it still pops and bangs on the overrun which suggests its over fueling so with some fettling there could well be more power to be had. When it goes to the factory for its service i'll get them to take a look at the fueling and see what can be done to get the most out of the existing ECU.

To be honest and by means of a reality check here the bike has more than enough power to compete and win against its competitors. There are so many factors that effect overall power like air temperature and condition of the gearbox anyway not to mention that when in the real world, road conditions, rider weight, tyre choice all effect how fast you go. I’ve always seen dyno figures as a bit of a wily waving exercise which is fine,  but what they are really useful for is to see if things are running as they should be.

Thanks to the guys at P&H motorcycles in Crawley for doing the runs. If you want to have a coffee and ogle at your bike being run through the viewing window then a test on their dyno will cost £15. Find them here