Video: Road rage rider gets what's coming to him

Chat shit, get hit

CHECK OUT hard nut, who gets beaten up by a middle aged man after acting like a dick.

Our MSX-riding hero is being a confrontational idiot and after cutting up the driver of the cream car and swearing at him, seems shocked by the response he gets.

After pulling over, the rider is clearly in the mood for a confrontation and goes straight up to the driver’s window, for an unexpected punch in the face. The vlogger then hits the driver’s wing mirror and receives a beating (including a flying kick) in response. The rider seems confused and goes to the ground whining, ‘What are you doooiiiing?’

He’s doing what you asked for mate. Here’s a tip: next time someone upsets you or makes you feel sad when you’re riding your bike, just let it go and carry on with your ride, then you won’t get beaten up.

The police later recovered the rider's stolen GoPro camera.