VIDEO: Rider punches mirror after being pulled out on, then driver crashes into him

How not to control your temper

THIS SHOCKING footage shows an incident that happened earlier this week in Camden Town.

The series of events in order are as follow: driver pulls out in front of rider, rider punches driver's wing mirror, driver intentionally crashes into rider.

The clip was recorded on a helmet-camera and the rider uploaded the footage to YouTube along with the description: "First of all I would like to apologise for the girl's mirror. It was her car and definetely not her fault... That slap over the mirror wasn't the right thing to do but we all learned something valuable from it."

One of the viewers asked the uploader if the police arrived at the scene and the response was: "apparently the police doesn't care. No one was injured so there's nothing they can do".

We are yet to receive any more information on the incident.

Credit: Nefarious Geo