The ultimate motorcycle kit and clothing Christmas gift guide

If you’re looking for the ultimate useful Christmas gift for the motorcyclists in your life, look no further...

The ultimate motorcycle kit and clothing Christmas gift guide

CHRISTMAS, or at least a new version of Christmas, is most definitely on the way. The racing has ended, the nights are getting frosty and we should all be at the NEC, twisting throttles of display bikes and bouncing up and down on their seats.

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Sadly, this Christmas is going to be a very different affair but there is no better way to brighten the gloom than buying a loved one something that will be genuinely useful while they are out on their bike.

Here is a Santa-sized sack of ideas, featuring all the ultimate motorcycle kit and clothing Christmas gifts we could find.

The ultimate motorcycle kit and clothing Christmas gift guide

Sena 10C Evo

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We’ve been using the 10C Evo for most of this year and have found it to be a top-spec and easy to use Bluetooth intercom. It also comes with the added bonus of having a proper 4K full HD camera built into one neat little package.

If you are getting fed up with your other half always using the ‘I was out on the bike!’ excuse for not answering your calls, this is the answer.

For a more thorough review of this product, click here.

GIVI  25l tank bag

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Whether you're touring Europe in the summer or trudging your way to work during the week. A decent motorcycle tank bag is an invaluable piece of kit. Rucksacks are great but is you can remove some of the stuff from their and deposit it into a tank bag, you’ll feel more comfortable and less fatigued at the end of your ride.

This GIVI 25 litre tank bag is an excellent choice, with loads of room, tons of pockets and the all-important transparent map pocket on top, and an extendable sleeve for longer rides.

RST Paragon Waterproof Glove - £69.99

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When riding a motorcycle in winter, your hands can go from zero to freezing in around ten minutes. Cold hands don’t just make the rider grumpy, they also don’t respond as well to commands, make the rider feel sluggish and are generally not much fun.

The best way to prevent this is by using top-spec waterproof winter gloves.

These RST Paragon Waterproof Gloves are the mutts nuts, with a thick insulating layer that is covered by a heavy-duty yet flexible waterproof membrane. It also has a visor wiper on both left and right hands and benefits from a digital touch screen index finger.

AGV X3000 Barry Sheene Replica - £499.99

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It may not be the helmet you wear the most or use all year round, but when you do wear it, you’re going to have a bloody massive grim on your face!

The legend that is Barry Sheene spent most of his racing career using AGV’s lids, along with other notable legends of the era Giacomo Agostini and Ángel Nieto.

This modern interpretation of Barry’s iconic lid is faithfully reproduced using all of AGV’s modern-day design and manufacturing techniques to make a helmet that is stylish, lightweight, and exceptionally strong.

Duratool Tool Kit

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If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with riding motorcycles, it’s working on them. Whether you buy new bikes year after year or prefer to grab a project that you can spend long winter nights rebuilding, sooner or later you’re going to need some tool.

This 153 piece tool kit might not have absolutely every tool you will ever need, but it’s a very good starter for ten. If you know somebody who is just starting out in the world of two-wheels and an engine, this might be the most useful thing you could buy!

Rothewald Motorcycle Travel Toolkit - £35.64

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Let’s not forget, not all motorcycle maintenance takes place in the garage. If you’re undertaking a short or long tour, doing so without a decent spec toolkit is like riding off without fuel. As the old adage goes, it’s better to have it and not need it, than the other way around…

This Rothewald toolkit is an excellent choice, featuring 51 pieces and a handy roll to keep everything in place. It’s also compact enough that it’ll sit neatly in the bottom of a top-box or pannier without taking up loads of room.

Vanucci VTS 1 boot - £72.39

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Looking good on or off your bike shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on safety with the VTS 1 boot from Vanucci. Not only do they look great, but they are also CE certified to EN 13634:2017 making them a much more sensible choice than a pair of normal trainers or non-motorcycle boots.

RST GT Airbag Textile Jacket - £399.99

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You might think that airbag technology was restricted to just high-end racing leathers or uber-expensive adventure jackets. What you might not know is that RST has adapted the same In&Motion technology that is used on the WorldSBK grid for use on your everyday commute.

The GT Airbag Textile jacket looks like any other textile motorcycle jacket, sleek with subtle branding. But held within the pre-installed back protector is a box of algorithms and magic that could significantly reduce the risk of injury in the event of a crash. And at £399.99, there isn’t a better value solution on the market.