Triumph Trophy 1200 digital display

Information overload? We run you through the functions and readouts available on Triumph's Trophy 1200

Not happy with just knowing your speed and revs? Triumph's Trophy should keep you entertained; it boasts more functions and readouts than you thought possible and while the dash might look complicated, it's really quite simple. Here we run you through the Trophy 1200's dash features.

Starting from the top left:

That's the clock and, yes, well spotted, it's nearly ten to six in the morning

The big 'N' is the digital gear indicator informing us that neutral is selected

Top right is the ambient temperature read out alerting us to the fact that Scotland is cold enough to warrant some heated grip action. There's also a frost warning for those with heated underclothing who might be immune to these things

That long, eight-block bar down the right-hand side is the engine water temp info. Still cold, then

Bottom right? That's electrical heating info. Grips and seats

Bottom middle tells us that the photographer is a keen Radio 2 listener. The massive saddo. Cruise control speed is also displayed here.

Lastly, but not leastly, the fuel guage tells us that we're going to have to fill up soon. Boo 

Trip information sits down the middle of the display area

At the top 254.7 tells us of the total trip distance covered

46.9mpg is our average fuel economy

5.4 gals of fuel have been needlessly squandered

The SE models gives tyre pressure here, too

The dot matrix display features automatic brightness adjustment, dual trip computer and full integration with audio system and accessories  

What's adjustable?

How long have you got?

Trip 2 can be set to automatically reset when stopped for between one and eight hours.  Indicators can be set to to cancel manually or automatically. Headlamp beam adjustment can be monkeyed with depending on the amount of cakes consumed by your passenger.

Display brightness can be tweaked,  language and units tampered with eg: (kmh/mph) 12 hour or 24 hour clock. Traction control can be switched on or off.

On the SE model -  you can adjust suspension preload and damping (preload can only be altered at a standstill but damping can be changed on the hoof) and control the automatic volume control to low medium or high. There's also the possibility of configuring preset rider profile settings for suspension, traction control and headlight beam.

You'll be so busy with that lot, you might not have time for a ride.