Top 7 cruisers with huge engines

Motorcycles with engines that are bigger than you'll find in most cars...

If you want a large capacity cruiser but the 8.2-litre, 3-ton, 6-metre long motorcycle pictured here is just a bit excessive for you - or you don't quite have the garage space for it - then read on.

We've chosen one motorcycle for each manufacturer from their current range, the one with the biggest engine, naturally. If you like your bikes large and loud step this way...

Honda Fury

7. Honda Fury

1312cc? Pah, that's nothing! Just wait 'til you see what else we have in store. In this company, the 1312cc engine in the VT1300CX Honda Fury looks weedy. However, this Honda is unlike any other in their range; it was designed in California, not Japan, so it looks far more like something you'd see on Orange County Choppers than the usual Japanese style. There's also a distinct lack of Honda badges on the bike, so even hardened motorcycle fans will think your showroom model is a bad-ass one-off custom. It's not quick, but it's built to pose on.

Price: £12,500
Engine capacity: 1312cc
Horsepower: 56bhp

Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

6. Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

Get your bandana ready! As classic Harleys go, the Dyna Wide Glide is up there with the best of them. A favourite desktop background of accountants around the country, the 2012 Dyna Wide Glide features Harley's larger 1688cc engine, giving it more shove and only adding to its appeal. Your friends might think you're the Sage Pay wizz but little do they know, you're an outlaw who just happens to have a BSc (Hons) in Finance and Accounting.

Price: £11,699
Engine capacity: 1688cc
Horsepower: 89bhp

Kawasaki VN1700 Classic

5. Kawasaki VN1700 Classic

Often overlooked by those in search of American muscle, the Kawasaki is a fantastic alternative. It's not quite packing the same size engine as Kawasaki's older 2053cc VN2000. However, the 1700cc motor produces bags of torque and mimics the Harley look but with a large dollop of Japanese reliability. If your idea of Green Day is time spent perfecting the stripes on your lawn and if you prefer growing marrows to Smashing Pumpkins this could be the motorcycle you need.

Price: £11,499
Engine capacity: 1700cc
Horsepower: 73bhp

Victory Hammer S

4. Victory Hammer S

A sporty cruiser is much like a 100m race for fat kids; not exactly fast but highly amusing none the less. The Victory Hammer S handles, stops and goes. Infact, you'll beat most sportsbikes off the line without even trying. If you want a cruiser to convince your other half that you're slowing down in your old age but you actually want to go and tear it up on some twisty roads, then the Hammer S is for you. Just remember: the worn-down footpegs will give the game away.

Price: £13,999
Engine capacity: 1731cc
Horsepower: 94bhp

Suzuki M1800RZ Intruder

3. Suzuki M1800RZ Intruder

If you want to roll around looking like a debt-collector that got kicked out of the mafia for being too savage, then the M1800 should be high up on your list. Infact, scratch that, it should be your list. The big Suzuki has a ridiculous amount of road-prescence and will ensure you will never be able to leave the house without the local Neighbourhood Watch twitching their curtains so hard they start smoking.

Price: £10,800
Engine capacity: 1783cc
Horsepower: 120bhp

Yamaha XV1900A

2. Yamaha XV1900A

How does 927cc per cylinder sound? Yamaha's brutal 1854cc XV1900A has the largest pistons of any motorcycle in this category: 10cm in diameter. Its elegant lines and classic styling don't allude to the raw amounts of torque the XV1900A produces. Which is just as well, as you'll be able to surprise even the keenest of riders at the Traffic Light GP.

Price: £13,250
Engine capacity:
Horsepower: 88bhp

Triumph Rocket III

1. Triumph Rocket III

If your big has to be bigger then look no further than the Rocket III. Its 2294cc triple-cylinder engine makes it the largest capacity motorcycle engine in production. Its crankshaft alone weighs a tenth of a modern superbike and the Rocket III's bulk doesn't stop there. Weighing in at a massive 370kg, there's nothing subtle about this monster. It's called Rocket for a reason; once you let the clutch out, you'd better hold on tight.

Price: £12,250
Engine capacity:
Horsepower: 141bhp