Ten reasons why Rossi rocks

Here are ten for why Valentino Rossi is the greatest...

1. Good DNA stock. Dad, Graziano was a GP winner. In 1979 Papa Rossi had his best racing year taking three victories in the 350 class onboard a Morbidelli. Although with Valentino's step-brother showing potential the genes may lie in the X chromosome passed on from his mother.

2. An astonishingly close love and anorak's knowledge of the sport. Rossi is a self-proclaimed student of Grand Prix racing and like the fans of the bygone era, he truly respects the legends of the sport and their achievements, with these factors driving his natural ambitions to new heights.

3. Coming from the bike mad country of Italy. Read his autobiography and you'll understand that growing up in Italy greatly enhanced his potential. Even if the start was blasting around the streets of Urbino on a scooter as a youth. Nationality helped too with running top-notch Aprilias from the age of 16 - doesn't hurt rider development.

4. A fantastic grounding in motorsports of all kinds, thanks to exposure to minimotos, off-road buggies and cars at a very young age continuing with Formula 1 and WRC drives now. But this has grown further, Rossi developed his two-wheel skill with an affinity with all forms of bikes, be it two or four-stroke - jumping off his NSR500 to win the Suzuka 8hr on a SP2 highlights this. It's easy, whatever Rossi gets on or in he'll be quick off the mark.

5. The ability to adapt to new machinery faster than others. Three of Rossi's premier championsips came onboard a Honda, but the fourth with Yamaha is the vital key to this attribute, taking back-to-back victories on different manufacturers. Making him a member of a small club of two, Eddie Lawson possesses the second membership. He's made a slower start with Ducati but with age comes wisdom and with a lingering injury hampering his performance, why rush...

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