Sport Production, gallery of the YZF750SP

Gallery of the different paint schemes that coated the YZF750SP at the Suzuka 8hr event through the ages

The early years of superbike racing brought us host a race-ready exclusives that ended in acronyms such as RR and SS, and one in particular was the Yamaha YZF750SP.

The homologation special YZF750SP was based on the TT-F1 racer and had a long history with success around the circuits of the world, one highlight being the three consecutive championship wins from Niall Mackenzie on the Cadburys BSB racer. However the YZF750SP was reknowned for being a pretty lacklustre road-bike.

Here is a nine picture gallery of some of the paint schemes that graced the fairings of the YZF750SP at the Suzuka 8hrs race from the late 80s to the 90s, with the first being Noriyuki Haga riding the privateer Team Jubilo YZF750 in 1995.

1992 and Norihiko Fujiwara

1992 and Norihiko Fujiwara on the Team KIRIN Mets TT-F1 YZF750SP

Kevin Magee Tech21, 1987

Kevin Magee from the 1987 Suzuka 8hr on the Tech21 Yamaha YZF750SP. Magee, alongside Martin Wimmer, won the race on the single-sided swingarm SP.

Nori Haga 1996

Noriyuki Haga back in 1996. Note the drink bottle strapped to his arm before technology progressed to adding water packs to the aerodynamic hump.

Eddie Lawson, 1994

Eddie Lawson in the twilight of his career racing the Suzuka 8hr in 1994. Before Valentino, Lawson was one of the only riders to win back-to-back wins on different manufacturers in the Grand Prix championship.

Colin Edwards, 1995

The Texan Tornado back in 1995, the same year that he appeared on the global scene for the first time racing in the World Superbike championship for Belgarda Yamaha.

Wayne Rainey, 1988

Wayne Rainey transferring his Lucky Strike sponsorship from the YZR500 to the YZF750SP for the 1988 Suzuka 8hr. He was victorious at the event alongside Kevin Magee

Norihiko Fujiwara in 1998

British Petroleum sponsorship adorns the Yamaha YZF750SP of Norihiko Fujiwara in 1998.

Norihiko Fujiwara, 1994

Another shot of Yamaha YZF750SP stablemate Norihiko Fujiwara from 1994.