Sharpen Up Your Stopping Power with Galfer brake discs and pads

Galfer has a full range of road and track products, for 1,000s of motorcycles. Here’s a rundown of the halo products


ASK any racer and they will tell you that one of the best ways to bolt on some more pace is to turn your attention to how your motorcycle stops. With a range of products for 1,000s of motorcycle makes and models, that means Galfer is the one company you should be stopping by.

Galfer was established in 1952 and has been at the forefront of automotive braking design and manufacturing ever since. Braking into the motorcycle sector in 1980, Galfer has been leading the field in road and race products for more than 40-years, and they offer some of the most innovative products on the market.

Today Galfer has a product for every purpose, from those looking for a spec replacement part for a bike to people wanting to bolt on some extra braking performance for fast road and track use. They even have a range of braking products specifically aimed at custom motorcycles – but more on that later.

Best brake discs for race use

For those chasing faster lap times on the track, the Galfer range of Wave, Racing Rotors should be top of your shopping list. The rotors use an innovative and patented design that means pads wear evenly with consistent pressure across the face of the brake friction material. The rotors are also lighter than stock, offer better cooling, improved wet weather performance, and improved feel at the lever.

The Galfer Wave Racing Rotors are available for a range of bikes, from race-only Moto3 and Moto2 machines to road-going race bikes like the Honda CBR600RR and Yamaha R1.

To check out the range for yourself, head to: galfer.eu

Best Brake pads for race use

Changing your discs and not upgrading your brake pads is like putting food in the oven and not turning up the heat! To make the most of the new high-performance discs, you need to invest in equally high-performance friction material.

The perfect match to Galfer’s Wave Racing Rotors is the firm’s new compound G1375R sintered pads, specifically designed for the demands of riding on track.  Great initial deceleration with a powerful start and a progressive final braking performance. The pads promote a strong initial bite, with a solid lever feel. Designed to operate at the highest level, in all temperatures and conditions, these brake pads are not particularly aggressive on brake discs and offer a reduced wear level.

For more information, head to: galfer.eu

Best rotors for fast road and track use

Announced in 2020, Galfer’s CUBIQ® brake rotors are designed for the most demanding road and track riding. They fit a huge range of the latest and greatest sports and naked motorcycles, and feature one of the most innovative designs of any break disc ever created.

The key to the performance of the disc is in the shape and pattern of the rotors. Named after the molecular structure of the steel they are made from, the design of the CUBIQ® rotor increases the convection perimeter, generating a larger cooling surface and allowing the discs to cool more efficiently.

Like the Wave rotors above, the CUBIQ® discs provide homogenous brake pad wear, having the same amount of contact surface between the pad and the disc throughout the rotation of the disc. This promotes equal wear of the pad and disc, and more importantly a constant and stable pressure at the surface of the pad.

Aside from the obvious benefits of running more consistent brake temperatures, the CUBIQ® items are up to 40% lighter than the traditional round competition. This reduction in unsprung mass promotes the bike to turn faster, improves acceleration and, of course, aids deceleration.

For more information, head to: galfer.eu

Best brake rotors for custom motorcycles

There are times when riding when form overtakes function when it comes to motorcycle design. A prime example of this is in the custom motorcycle world. For that, Galfer has a range of brake rotors specifically designed for motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Victory.

The discs cover a range of applications, from like for like replacements, to the eye-catching Skull designed rotors.

Each is designed for optimum braking and cooling performance in all conditions, although some are just a little more ‘custom’ than the others!

For more information on the custom brake products from Galfer, head to: galfer.eu

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