Shark’s Newton’s Cradle

Not fake. Much.

YES, it’s a blatant promo video. No, it’s not a real scientific experiment, and even if it was, we’re not absolutely sure what it would be proving. It’s Shark’s latest YouTube offering.

Basically an effort to get you to buy Shark’s R Pro Carbon and Speed R lids, the press release says they have ‘recreated’ the physics exercise of a Newton’s Cradle, transferring energy from one swinging sphere through a line of others to the one at the opposite end. It’s all about energy conservation, and usually uses solid metal balls hanging from threads. But they use a row of motorcyclists hanging from their ankles instead, with heads bashing together instead of metal spheres.

Of course, the idea is to show that with a rival (unbranded) helmet, the energy is still transferred, while with a Shark all the energy is absorbed. We’re 99% sure (and the remaining 1% is wavering) that when they say they ‘recreated’ the experiment, they mean ‘faked’…