Road rage. America. Guns. Of course.

Oh, and throw idiots into the mix as well

IT SEEMS that two things are fast becoming standard kit for American road users – cameras and guns.

Not long ago we saw what happens when the two are combined and here we’ve got another example.

We start with a group of riders/squids going a tad too fast down a wide, straight dual-carriageway, probably in Florida. Not something that should be a recipe for disaster in most situations, but as soon as a bit of fury gets induced it all starts turning nasty.

It’s hard to tell if the red BMW car involved was at fault or not. He certainly seems to be unsure as to which lane to be in and swerves from one to another. It looks like he’s trying to get out of the way of the camera bike and doesn’t notice another rider coming even faster and undertaking him. That rider doesn’t see it as an innocent mistake, though, and takes a swipe at his mirror.

At this stage nobody was hurt and it might have been a quickly-forgotten incident. But that wasn’t to be.

The BMW driver, clearly not too chuffed, makes chase and catches the bikes at around the 1:30 point of the video, and after a minute of chasing all are stationary together in traffic.  Here’s where it turns nasty, and it’s impossible to defend the riders’ actions as three of them start throwing punches at the driver. What they’re clearly not expecting is his passenger to then leap out of the car brandishing a gun. Incredibly it seems that

There are several lessons to be learned here but somehow it doesn’t seem likely that this will be the last video like this to emerge…


What’s your take? Is the car driver at fault? Did the riders cause the incident? Should the lady with the gun get her own vigilante TV show? Important questions need to be answered.

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