Reader's Rides: Cotswolds

James Watson, 29, works in advertising sales. He rides a Kawasaki Z750, now lives and works in Bath but looks forward to visiting old friends in the Cotswolds for a decent ride

Growing up around the Cotswolds you learn two things. First, how to go fast on small, twisty country roads, and second, if the horse shit on the road looks fresh then cover a brake because the hunt is probably around the next bend!

When I go back I usually stay with mates in Cheltenham so I start from there and head out on the A40 through Charlton Kings towards Andoversford. Just before Andoversford you pass Dowdeswell reservoir - it's a bloody big lake on your left - and after that there are quite a few nice, fast corners up a hill. Watch out for the bump just before the left-hander.

At Andoversford turn left at the traffic lights and head on the A436 to Bourton-on-the-Water. This road doesn't have too many speed cameras so you can open it up a bit and it's a good run. Be careful near the turn to Cold Aston, it's blind and cars often pull out suddenly.

In Bourton you can visit the Motor Museum should you wish. It's where they keep Broom, that little yellow car from the kids TV show, or pop to Birdland where the penguins from Batman Returns are kept. They have since taken off their rockets.

Once bored, head out on the A429 to Stow-on-the-Wold. There is a Little Chef, but I'd recommend you pop into one of the many pubs. Once done take the A424 then A44 towards Evesham and get ready to meet Fish Hill. Just outside Broadway, it's the highest point of the northern end of the Cotswold Hills. It has loads of corners and great tarmac. Watch out for the speed camera at the bottom but enjoy the run down.

From Evesham I cut back on the A46 towards Cheltenham before taking the A435 past Bishop's Cleeve and back into town.