Pounding your meet - Biker Meets

Why do we like riding to car parks, drinking muddy tea out of throwaway cups and nattering like old women about bikes? Because we're bikers of course, and that's what we do

The ideal bike meet would be somewhere about 30 or 40 miles from your house, giving you the chance for a proper ride there. The weather should be sunny too, but you don't always get the choice. Meeting up with friends is what it's all about. If you don't have any, become a regular at a meet and you soon will have. What you'll find when you get there is something akin to sitting at the side of a WSB race, or  wandering round the NEC. You just fit in.

One-piece leathers and a pint in your hand? No problem (just the one mind). Tattooed neck and a pierced head? Who cares when you've got the same bike? Weekend bike meets are popular, but don't be surprised to find more people out midweek. For some it's easier to steal a few hours away after work than to write off a Sunday when you should be mowing the kitchen or something.

Poole Quay is a perfect example of the bike meet. It's grown over the last five years into one of the biggest meets on the south coast. Every Tuesday the roads are closed and the quayside cordoned off.

Bikers are made to feel welcome, and for a quid (which goes to charity) you can park up and enjoy live music, or have your bike judged in the 'bike of the week' competition. If the weather's okay expect to see over 500 bikes lined up and if the weather's great 3000-plus isn't uncommon.

Unfortunately the night we decided to pay a visit it rained. A lot. Even so we were amazed to find over 400 had made it and were happily enjoying a chat and chips. The diversity of bikes was great to see, everything from MVs to Bol d'Or Hondas. What you won't see is stunting tomfoolery. Upsetting the locals isn't what this place is about. If you get the chance to visit Poole over the summer, it's a cracking night out. If it's too far have a look over the page for a bike meet near you.

Top ten reasons to go to a bike meet

  • To see your mate's new bike
  • To see your new bike mates
  • Because the chicken strips you had last week, have gone
  • Because your pipe is louder than his pipe
  • Because standing in your garden wearing your leathers doesn't quite cut it 
  • Because chips and a fag taste better after a ride
  • Because no one else has a bike like yours
  • Because everyone there has a bike like yours
  • Because nobody nods at you on your way to work
  • Because you've got a valid excuse to escape the other half for the night

Biker Meets - Motorcycle Meetup


There are 100s of bike meets, here's a selection of the biggest (and best)

The Mill House Pub
Where: A1123, Huntingdon,Cambridgeshire
Attendance: 300+ bikes
Extras: BBQ
Tel: 01480 414 311
Every Tuesday

The Old Royal Oak Pub
Where: A3400, Hockley Heath, Solihull
Attendance: 1,500+ bikes
Extras: Stunt shows, large venue, hot food
Tel: 01564 785 252
Every Wednesday

Bassetts Pole Pub
Where: A446, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Attendance: 1,500+ bikes
0121 308 0987
Every Tuesday

Dick Turpin Pub
Where: A127, Basildon, Essex
Attendance: 1,500+ bikes
Tel: 01268 726 205
Every Tuesday   

The Plough Pub
Where: Great Bentley, Essex
Attendance: 1,000+ bikes
Extras: BBQ, pub grub
Tel: 01206 250 563
Every Wednesday

Cabin Dairy Tea Rooms
Where: Burnham on Crouch, Essex
Attendance: 500+ bikes
Tel: 01621 782 404
Every Saturday/Sunday

Poole Quay
Where: Dorset, A31
Attendance: 1,300+bikes
£1 per bike
£5 for the season
Tel: 01202 262 676
Every Tuesday

Where: By the Pier, Torbay, Devon
Attendance: 1,000+ bikes
£1 per bike (charity)
Prizes (sponsors)
Tel: 01803 409 804
Every Wednesday,
June - September

The Red Lion Pub
Where: Avebury, Wiltshire
Attendance: 1,000+ bikes
Extras: BBQ, pub grub
Tel: 01672 539266
Every Wednesday

Royal Oak Pub
Where: Yeovil, Somerset
2 miles off A30 SW Yeovil
Attendance: 300+ bikes
Tel: 01935 862 354
Every Thursday

Stormy Petrel
Where: Ternhill, Shropshire
Attendance: 1,000+ bikes
Extras: Catering Van
Tel: 01630 638 921
Every Thursday

Where: Rykas CafŽ, Surrey
Attendance: 500+bikes
Every Wednesday

Oasis snack bar
Where: The bus stop, Abergavenny
Attendance: 600+ bikes
Tel: 01873 855375
Every Sunday

Devil's Bridge

Where: A65 Skipton to Kendall, Kirkby Lonsdale
Attendance: 1000+ bikes
Every Sunday

Matlock Bath
Where: Promenade, A6
Attendance: 1000+ bikes
Every Sunday (all year)

Ace Cafe

Where: A406, Park Royal.
Extras: Always something cool going on
Tel: 0208 961 1000
Every Day


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