Motorist throws coins after being angered by motorcycle filtering

Helmet footage captures furious helmet

Motorist throws coins after being angered by motorcycle filtering

A RECENT CLIP shows a motorist becoming excessively angered by a motorcyclist filtering through traffic.

Recorded in California, the footage shows a biker moving through a queue of vehicles at a set of lights as he is confronted by an enraged driver. As he hurls abuse and then - what appears to be - a handful of coins at the motorcyclist, he then proceeds to climb out of his vehicle and remove his jacket. However, this angry gesture is short lived as he then returns to his vehicle before again tossing more coins at the rider.

After the confrontation, the motorcyclist then pursues the infuriated motorist and records his license plate along with the vehicle next to him. Moments after, the hot-headed driver brakes heavily in an attempt to force the rider to dodge his vehicle.

The video was uploaded by 'Zlurz' with the description: "Tough guy throws something at me then tries to fight me for lane splitting. He jumps out of the car and i hop off my bike. He puts on this tough guy show taking off his sweater all to just get back into his car and run his mouth. Then he tries to cause an accident by swerving into me and brake checking me."