Mark Forsyth's Kings of Cornering

MF picks five motorcycles that go 'round corners very well indeed

Cagiva 125 Mito

"Cagiva's uber-expensive 125 Mito may have dipped beneath your bike choice radar but, as street bikes go, nothing will out-corner this highly strung little stroker."

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Triumph Daytona 675

"The speed at which even a bog-stock 675 can flick from the vertical to full lean angle is incredible and the feedback from the front tyre is almost telepathic."

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Ducati 916

"Ducati’s 916 redefined superbike handlingwhen it launched way back in ’94. Compared to the physically huge 888 that preceded it, the 916 combined the size of an RGV250 Suzuki with the stomp to equal the best superbikes around at the time. It was a heady brew."

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Yamaha YZF-R7

"The chassis data for this high revving in-line four was plucked straight from Yamaha’s sweet handling YZR500 GP bike so it’s hardly a surprise that this is one of the nicest handling superbikes still around."

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Suzuki GSX-R600

"Like a 21st century two-stroke (RIP), the little Suzuki needs to be thrashed mercilessly to extract the best from it but the rewards are enormous if you put the effort in."

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