Man tries to teach girlfriend to ride, she crashes

This is why rider training should be left to the professionals...

THROTTLE control - you either have it or you don't.

And this tracksuit wearing rider is prime example of someone who doesn't - at all. 

So why her US Army boyfriend put her on his R3 is a complete mystery to us, but it doesn't end well for either bike or rider. 

In a clip filmed by a passer-by, the woman tentatively moves off, high-revviing the new-looking sportsbike. 

Things take a turn for the worse when the nervous woman drops the clutch and loses her composure. 

Screaming, she accelerates across the car park. With full throttle pinned, she fruitlessly grabs the brakes, causing the tyres to squeal and turning the small bike into bucking broncho. 

A stationary car puts a painful-looking stop to the out of control woman, and she falls to the ground. Her shoe, meanwhile, is catapulted into orbit. 

While the lady sits howling on the ground, the bike contiues rolling out of shot.

Posting the clip on LiveLeak, user LOS LAKERS wrote: 'I walked out of my apartment today and saw a guy trying to teach a girl how to ride a motorcycle. I knew it wouldn’t be good so I pulled out the ole iPhone.

'Watch at your own risk. Share to potentially save someone’s life who thinks they can just jump on a crotch rocket in a parking lot full of cars and be completely fine.'