Lunchtime Debate: To nod or not to nod

Is motorcycle camaraderie coming to an end? Do you still nod? Discuss the merits of nodding to your fellow biker below

"...I try and nod at most types, especially those who ignore me. It's great fun to nod at a young lad on a scooter, watch him ignore you then do a u-turn chasing him down the street waving, flashing lights, beeping the horn to get his attention. It is the only way to teach them the biker nod..."

"...being on a big trailie, I mainly get confused stares back when I nod. BMWs and tourers nod to me, cruisers don't nod to anyone, they're miserable gits and folks on sportsbikes don't seem to even acknowledge it. Apart from Ducatis, who give you a great big, friendly salute, which is nice..."

"...I took a young girl pillion to a pub for lunch, and she asked me about my nervous twitch. She was sitting so close to me that she couldn't see oncoming bikers and thought I was suffering a case of tourette shuffles. I didn't really care because she'd just spent an hour mistakenly holding on to my crotch instead of the tank..."

"...I don't nod. They're not my friends, I don't know them, and all I have in common with them is we both happen to be on a motorbike. For the avoidance of doubt I don't nod at pedestrians when I'm walking or car drivers when I'm driving either..."

"...I make sure I nod to the yoofs on scoots, as when I was a yoof on a scoot it made my day to have a 'real' biker acknowledge me..."

"...I nod to everyone except spotty yoofs on scooters that wear chavport jumpers and trackies..."

"...Harleys, BMWs and scooters are on my miss list. I don't think in all my biking days I've ever had a nod returned by a Harley. BMWs always seem aloof and the only times they have ever nodded to me was when I had one, so don't bother..."

"...Nodding is so common. I prefer to stop, dismount and bow when I see another motorcyclist, doffing my helmet to him in the style of a Regency dandy. They've usually fecked off into the distance by the time I'm done, so I've no idea if they acknowledge me in return..."

"...Bloody complex this nodding thing, they should put it in the new bike test..."

"...some nods look pretty cool and others look really crap. I can't tell what mine looks like but every now and again I try different versions of a nod to see what feels best. However, if a group of three or more riders come round the corner when I'm freestyle nodding then I get confused and shake like a loony..."

"...I always nod at police bikes, that way they are looking at my head and won't notice all the illegal things on my bike..."

"...on my old R1 everyone nodded back at me, now I have a DR-Z400SM no fucker does. Well bollocks to the lot of you, ya miserable non nodding twats..."

" favourites are instructors with pupils who will always return the gesture, but the instructed tend to look baffled and start to wobble even more than they were already doing due to sensory overload..."

"...when I think about it, my nod is actually more of a twitch..."

"...It took me six months to learn to U-turn, but two years to get my nod right. I try not to waste it on chavs..."

"...When I ride pillion on my dad's bike we get nods, but when I'm out on my scooter I don't get any recognition. Not really heartbreaking, but still a bit strange to think that being ferried about, doing knob all, deserves a nod whereas battling against the elements on an underpowered piece of shite doesn't deserve a nod at all..."

"...I tend not to nod as most motorcyclists are arseholes..."
The Turd

 "...who gives a shit? The riders you've nodded to are seriously unlikely to ever encounter you again and if you haven't nodded they'll be half a mile away before either of you realise you've both broken the sanctity of the biker greeting..."

"'s an excellent form of camaraderie. You get the sensation of being part of the gang and transmitting that feeling of sheer joy that says 'hey, I'm riding a motorbike! And so are you! How cool is that?' Best of all it only takes a moment, unlike sitting in pubs and cafes having to eat foul burgers and listen to people drone on about their bike..."
Banana Boy

Yes, we like nodding: 11
No, we think it's cock: 9
It's official: the Biker Nod is in!