Kawasaki Z800 accessory options

If there's one bike owners can't resist modifying, it's Kawasaki's middleweight Zed

The stock Z800 is a pretty thing but that doesn't count for anything in Zed-land, where owners can't resist adding their personal touches to the bike. Companies like Rizoma rub their hands together when bikes like the Z800 are announced and rightly so - they're ripe for styling-up.

Kawasaki know this and right now, they have a few accessories available to whet your appetite, with the promise of more soon. The Z800e doesn't come with a bellypan as standard but you can buy one as an option.

The Z800s below show you some of the available accessories.

First up, this Z800 features a 'meter cover' otherwise known to you and I as a fly screen. It also features fork axle protectors (crash bungs) and engine guards (located on the engine casing by the clutch and gearbox). It also features a pillion seat cover and an Akrapovic Titanium slip-on exhaust.

This Z800 is near identical to the one above but it also features a 'rear bag' (more commonly known as a tail pack). A few bricks in there should help you find the balance point.

This Z800 sports the Carbon Akrapovic slip-on, which I think suits it best. It doesn't have the single-seat cover but it does feature the Alcantara seat option for both the pillion and riders seat. Smart.

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