Kawasaki H2 explodes at almost 200mph

That's going to be an expensive repair...

Think of a long list of things you don't want to happen at almost 200mph...

Chances are an engine blowout is right up there. 

Youtuber, and boosted bike aficionado, BOOSTEDH2, suffered exactly that recently when his supercharged Kawasaki H2 'threw a rod'* at 188mph.

Watch from a minute in as the engine changes tune, the revs drop and the dash goes dark, while the rider masterfully holds on and brings the bike to a stop.

Petrol pours from the bike as the rider gets a close-up of a gaping hole in the engine, before throwing his glove to the ground and announcing: 'She done. She done...'

*'Throwing a rod' is when one of the connecting rods from a piston to the crankshaft snaps and (if it is on its way down) punches a hole through the engine block.