John Hackett's Top 3 best sounding bikes

We asked John Hackett, MD of Ducati Coventry and home to JHP Racing, which three bikes make him go ooh la la. No rules, no restrictions, any bike goes.

3. Kawasaki KR750

I’ve ridden one of these but you really need to be stood at the side of it to get the most from it. I built Mick Grant’s bike for him, they’re just beautiful. I raced another Kawasaki 3 cylinder in the early 70’s and the sound is just phenomenal. I remember watching Gregg Hansford race past me around the hairpin at Mallory park, changing down the gears and then accelerating away towards the Devil’s Elbow, it was just music.

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2. Ducati Desmosedici 

I’ve ridden the Desmo GP bike several times and it's unbelievable. I was doing a demo on one at Brands Hatch a while ago and I forgot to put my earplugs in. I couldn’t hear properly for three days and I only did five or six laps! It was unbelievable and just so special to hear that thing! I also get to listen to the Desmosedici D16 RR road bike on an almost daily basis. My office is right next to the workshop, when the team start them up it’s just an awesome sound, it’s like being in heaven.

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1. Hailwood Honda 6

I saw this bike when I was racing at Mallory park, it went flying past me with Hailwood on it, it was absolutely mind-blowing. All I wanted to do was come in to the pits, stand by its side and listen to it because I definitely couldn’t keep up with it. Watching and hearing it go past me was phenomenal. 

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