Is this Iran's most reckless rider?

Four men, one bike, no crash helmets

IT'S not often Visordown gets to feature biking culture in Iran but this frustrated stunt rider proves his technical skill (if not his common-sense).

Riding a standard Suzuki GSX-1400 the rider wheelies comfortably for the camera on a motorway south of Tehran, he then lands rather less impressively with a mechanically unsympathetic crunch.

What's most amazing about this video is how the rider managed to convince three friends to take part in his 'up close and personal' stunt. The poor bloke perched backwards on the rider's lap is clearly forcing a smile as he retreats inside his happy place.

Youtube user Wayne Khaki has an entire collection of his Iranian wheelie antics - but for sheer audacity and recklessness this was our favourite.