Honda Fireblade SP: the rivals

It's the best Fireblade ever produced but it's up against some fierce competition. We check out the bikes vying to keep the CBR1000RR-SP at bay

Honda CBR1000RR-SP

Honda's Fireblade SP is more than a Fireblade with exotic parts bolted on; it's the product of thousands of hours of input from Honda's finest engineers. Although the components are model names that can be bought off the shelf, Ohlins TTX36, Brembo M4, etc, they've all been worked on by Honda and are unique to the SP. The SP also features a slipper clutch and a blueprinted engine: the icing on the cake. Selected pistons, polished ports, gas-flowed. It's the ultimate Fireblade. It's too early to talk about classics but as the only 'special' Fireblade, the SP is surely destined to be a collector's item in years to come like the SP1, RC45 and RC30.

Engine: 999.8cc, inline-four cylinder, 76 x 55.1mm bore and stroke

Weight: 199kg kerb-weight, 210kg with C-ABS

Power: claimed 178bhp @ 12,250rpm

Price: £14,999 and £15,599 with C-ABS

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