Hit and run VW driver sends motorcyclist flying

Rider luckily misses oncoming traffic

Hit and run VW driver sends motorcyclist flying

FOOTAGE HAS emerged of the shocking moment a driver sent a motorcyclist crashing into the back of their vehicle - then speeding off down a country lane.

Driving a Volkswagen Golf, the motorist attempted to overtake three riders on a bend before cutting back into the lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The dangerous manoeuvre resulted in one of the motorcyclists flipping off of their bike after colliding with the rear of the car and narrowly missing an approaching pick-up truck. The reckless driver then evaded the incident by speeding off past the front rider who eventually chases after them.

Debris from the crash can then be seen scattered across the road as the driver of the pick-up truck assists the motorcyclists.

The clip was recorded and shared by Niall Goodwin on YouTube along with the description: "Silver VW tries to overtake 3 motorbikes but on coming traffic forces VW to push back into the left lane and then breaks hard causing one motorbike to crash into the back of the VW and then he drives off."