Essential Motocross Gear List - 3

What you should be kitting yourself out with

3. Goggles

Without a decent set of motocross goggles, you’re going to struggle to see. Whether it’s wind, rain, dust, rocks or mud; you need to protect your eyes.

There are 3 types of motocross goggles:

Tear-off Motocross Goggles

A tab is located on either side of the goggle lens, allowing you to place around 21 clear pieces of film onto the goggles. Then as vision is impaired by dust or dirt, rip one off at a time.

Be warned though, it’s pretty easy to rip the whole stack off at once; pretty annoying when you’re 30 seconds into a 30-minute moto!

Roll-Off Motocross Goggles

Roll-off motocross goggles are orientated towards riding in the mud and rain. Being from the UK, I’ve had the chance to use them – a lot!

There are two canisters, one either side of the goggles.

One has a fresh film in it, and when you pull the cord on the side of the canister, it drags the new film across to replace the dirty film, which then is placed in the backup canister.

Unobstructed vision, with just two quick pulls of a cord.

Rip And Roll Motocross Goggles

Rip and roll motocross goggles combine a roll-off and tear-off system. They are not cheap, and they are quite hard to source.

In the UK there is a brand called Rip ‘N Roll, whereas in the USA, there’s the Forecast Advanced Mud Tear Off/ Roll Off System which comes from the goggle brand '100%'. It’s a lens replacement that fits any 100% motocross goggles.

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