Dirty Work

On a trip to the South Coast this week I was invited to meet the team behind a bright pink bike cleaner

There aren’t many people that will reach for the bike keys in the middle of a downpour. However, if Muc-off’s Alex Trimnell sees rain it’s not uncommon to witness him riding into the deluge in order cover his immaculate R6 and himself in as much road filth as possible.

The purpose behind this is Alex’s continuing development of their bike cleaners, lubes and their ‘Rider Care Series’ products. Despite having a purpose built lab, Alex says, “nothing beats real world testing”.

Developing bike cleaners is a long process and one that involves lots of testing, sometimes 12 months or more. Just as new technology makes it way onto bikes, new chemical technology makes its way into the products Muc-Off manufacture. This means improved cleaners but more importantly, shinier bikes and more time to ride them.

Muc-Off was founded by the late Rex Trimnell, who road raced a 250cc Ariel Arrow twin carbed engined Velocette, regularly beating the factory machine of Peter Inchely and later on water and air-cooled 125cc/250cc Bultacos taking works Honda Six’s ridden by the likes of Mike Hailwood and Jim Redman and Phil Read on the Yamahas back in the ‘60s.

Originally devised as a biodegradable mountainbike cleaner in 1996, Muc-Off now has a bewildering range of products on offer. I can be quite lazy when it comes to keeping my motorcycle clean so my stand out choices from their range alongside the well-known pink stuff would be the Chain Doc, Speed Polish and Foam Fresh helmet cleaner. Look out for some reviews on motorcycle products coming in the near future.

So from musty crash helmet lining to sticky iPads, grubby C90s to salty Sunseekers (a local specialty) Muc-Off have the products to, as the name implies, get the muck off. What’s clear from my visit to the factory though is that the guys have a strong connection and passion with anything on two wheels.

Muc-Off also has an involvement in motorsport sponsorship. With the company logos adorning the machines of; John Hopkins and Jeremy McWilliams, as well as support they give to the Rizla Suzuki MotoGp team, the Dixon Yamaha MX team and also as an official supplier to the Force India F1 team, ensuring they all keep shining for the cameras.

The company also supports the local bike meets at Poole Quay, which take place every week between April and September and can see up to 5000 bikers attending in the peak summer months. If you happen to see Alex on a particularly filthy Yamaha there, please appreciate he isn’t being lazy. He’s actually hard at work.

Keep an eye on the Visordown Facebook page for some great Muc-Off giveaways coming soon.