The cars driven by MotoGP stars

From supercars to hybirds, check out what the fastest riders on the planet roll around in

Valentino Rossi - Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia is the latest of the Ferraris to be added to Valentino Rossi's car collection. The 458 Italia is unlike the standard Ferrari supercar that you may have seen smouldering at the side of the road; Rossi's has been personalised with the yellow 458 topped with a matte black roof and his signature number 46 embroidered on the door panels.


Audi R8

Franco Uncini - Audi R8

The riders' Safety rep Franco Uncini makes a statement in the GP car park with Audi's first supercar, the R8.


Honda CR-Z

Dani Pedrosa – Honda CR-Z

Thankfully Dani hasn’t succumbed to the ‘small-man syndrome’ and bought himself a behemoth of a Hummer to supplement his stature. Instead, the three-time two-stroke champ has something of a guilty conscious, opting for Honda’s hybrid CR-Z in white. What is likely to be a ‘company-car’, he could earn some sporty kudos by upgrading his environmentally friendly ride to the Mugen-tuned CR-Z.


Porsche 911

Karel Abraham – Porsche 911

With bags full of money courtesy of his rich Czech businessman father, Karel Abraham gained a ride in the premier class on a Ducati Desmosedici. Despite criticism of being bank-rolled into the top flight, he's doing well. It might stir more envy to discover that the law undergraduate also owns Porsche 911.


Lancia Delta Integrale

Mattia Pasini – Lancia Delta Integrale

Pasini chose to forget the Italian supercars from Ferrari and Lamborghini and get a truly unique ride, a road-going Group-B style rally car – the Lancia Delta Integrale. Mattia may be wary about loaning the keys to his peers in the paddock, Loris Capirossi took the Delta for a spin and did just that as he put the classic car into a series of donuts infront of its worried owner. Rumour has it they're more expensive to run than a Lamborghini Gallardo..


Audi A6 estate

Andrea Dovizioso - Audi A6 estate

If ever a rider was synonymous with his car, it's Dovizioso. He complains that he doesn’t get a lot of coverage because he is one of the quietest in the MotoGP paddock, preferring to let his riding do the talking. Much like his riding, his car is sleek, reliable, efficient and Germanic (Ok that's enough analogies - Ed)


BMW M3 E92

Marco Simoncelli - BMW M3 E92

Simoncelli, much like his on-track persona, carries his wild style to driving cars too. The hairy-Italian has been banned from driving twice - for speeding. Having a BMW M3 E92 probably doesn’t really help the cause. Here he is gently leaving the MotoGP paddock after a weekend's racing.


American muscle

Colin Edwards - American muscle

Hopefully you'll be as pleased to learn this as I was. We don't know what, but Colin Edwards has a collection of bad-ass American muscle cars at the ranch. We're guesing (hoping) that at least one of them is painted in General Lee colours..

de Puniet

Mercedes SLS AMG

Randy de Puniet - Mercedes SLS AMG

De Puniet has a lot to make the male fraternity jealous. He is handsome, has a beautiful model girlfriend, is talented on a motorbike and to top it all off he owns a Mercedes SLS. The bastard.


Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Andrea Iannone - Lamborghini Super Leggera

The Moto2 race winner rocks up to the MotoGP circuits in a lairy - but acceptable for Lambos - orange Gallardo Superleggera. However, you may be pleased to learn that he doesn't own it - Iannone allegedly rents the supercar. Still, as the old adage goes: if it flys, floats or f*cks, don't buy it, rent it.