Bad driving or a tough lesson in hazard awareness?

Or both?

EITHER way we're glad 'DeathBunny' is okay. 

Commenting under her video on YouTube, she says: 'I do understand that travelling slower could have avoided the accident. I'm not denying that I could have anticipated this a little more than I could. But I didn't. And the crash happened. However I also don't blame myself for the crash.

'Prior to this I have been riding uneventfuly for over an hour, looking out for potential accidents. As you can see in the video, this one slipped by me. I'm not a perfect rider. I'm 21, new to riding, and was excited to see the sunset with a friend. I didn't go out to have an accident.

'This is a dual carriageway with a central reservation and a national speed limit of 70mph. As you can see in the video I am travelling below the speed limit at all times. I never once broke the highway code. 

'The driver of the van immediately admitted all fault and was extremely apologetic. I won the insurance claim pretty quickly but because the bike was a written off, I was given a portion of what the bike was originally worth.

'My gear was cut off and I am yet to see any money for that as they put it through as a separate claim.
But I am alive, still in one piece, and walking around.'

The video and message were posted yesterday. 

Get well soon, get a new bike and watch out for the twatty drivers, DeathBunny (and maybe consider a more auspicious YouTube name).  


Not her fault legally or any other way, but totally avoidable. While she was travelling below the speed limit, personally I'd not have been travelling so fast *relative to the standing traffic*. I was actually expecting this video to be an accident caused by an impatient driver pulling out from the jam into the "clear" lane.

Bro, you should drive at low speed not much higher hope this accident didn’t give you to many injuries. Hope you are fine with to take care of yourself and drive safe to get safe.


No ABS. She panicked and was too scared to stomp on the brakes in fear of locking the wheels up and sliding into the truck. Its a CB300F yeah? They do have optional ABS.

woops its a CB500F which also has an optional ABS.

woops.. she says she had the ABS version. Is that 60kmph or 60mph? Oh wait, the description says mph.

It takes a lot of skill, experience, unlearning, relearning, wit, and balls to jam the anchors on hard enough. The car industry has known about this for years ("emergency brake assist"). Ah well, chalk this one up to experience, lucky enough to survive it, move on and don't make the same mistake twice...

p356spt's picture

As soon as I saw that the speed difference between the cars on the left and the rider I got stress. So this not defensive riding at all. But I tell you defensive riding is not as fun, it is rather stressful.

Screaming Badger's picture

... of poor riding. A line of static cars should start alarm bells ringing straight away. Slow down move more to the right. That junction isn't invisible and it's a very predictable event. I'd have gone 50/50 on it.

Yes, the van driver was at fault and had the decency to admit it. But, I agree with most comments above - travelling fast alongside stationary/slow moving traffic is not a good idea. We've probably all been there and been lucky enough to get away with it. All bikers should watch this video - young and old. It's a classic lesson in hazard awareness. Just glad the rider escaped with her life.

agree with the too fast comments, slower than speed limit is fair enough but its clearly a junction and thus the potential for cars to cross to head the other way is high given the static nature of the traffic on the left. Ultimately she got away with it unscathed and the driver admitted fault (wonder if the footage was used in the subsequent insurance claim)

Looking at the timing on the video, and what information was available to the rider, quite apart from riding down the outside of a queue of standing traffic at 60 mph the van was seen to be moving at 0.45 - she hit it at 0.47 she didn't anticipate what might happen at that juction - or brake. In the same circumstances I would have been down to 25-30 mph approaching that situation with front and rear brakes covered. My advice to her? Get trained by your local IAM group and take the advanced test.

I was cringing at the gay abandonment of appreciation of differential speed from her surroundings. When traffic is doing shopping centre pedestrian speeds, traffics range of expectation of danger and awareness drops to that of the surroundings. Sprint through a busy shopping centre with gay abandonment and you'll likely take someone down. Same on the road. If I were the van driver I would be claiming her speed was inappropriate for the situation and a "breach of the peace".

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