Bad driving or a tough lesson in hazard awareness?

Or both?

EITHER way we're glad 'DeathBunny' is okay. 

Commenting under her video on YouTube, she says: 'I do understand that travelling slower could have avoided the accident. I'm not denying that I could have anticipated this a little more than I could. But I didn't. And the crash happened. However I also don't blame myself for the crash.

'Prior to this I have been riding uneventfuly for over an hour, looking out for potential accidents. As you can see in the video, this one slipped by me. I'm not a perfect rider. I'm 21, new to riding, and was excited to see the sunset with a friend. I didn't go out to have an accident.

'This is a dual carriageway with a central reservation and a national speed limit of 70mph. As you can see in the video I am travelling below the speed limit at all times. I never once broke the highway code. 

'The driver of the van immediately admitted all fault and was extremely apologetic. I won the insurance claim pretty quickly but because the bike was a written off, I was given a portion of what the bike was originally worth.

'My gear was cut off and I am yet to see any money for that as they put it through as a separate claim.
But I am alive, still in one piece, and walking around.'

The video and message were posted yesterday. 

Get well soon, get a new bike and watch out for the twatty drivers, DeathBunny (and maybe consider a more auspicious YouTube name).  

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