Awesome animation tells story of Elspeth Beard

She is possibly the coolest woman on two wheels

Image credit: Culture Trip

WHEN did you last feel inspired?

I’m not talking about a fleeting desire to go to the gym, or to bake some avocado-themed goodness (thank you Instagram).

No, I mean truly, from the bottom of your heart moved to do something epic?

If you can't remember, then this may help to inspire you.

Elspeth Beard was the first British woman to ride around the world, long before Google maps and GPS.

In 1982, at the tender age of 23, she climbed aboard her 1974 BMW R60/6 and took off around the world, on a trip that would ultimately take her two years, covering more than 35,000 miles across 20 countries.  

Along the way she crossed the outback, rode through Middle Eastern warzones, crashed and fell in love. 

Her story is one of true courage, perserverance and nomadic exploration.

Here it is brilliantly told in a animated video, courtesy of Culture Trip. 

Elspeth, you rock!

Elspeth Beard - Riding into History from Culture Trip on Vimeo.