Allen Millyard's 'SS180' V-twin

Two C90 cylinders give Honda SS50 80mph top speed

BERKSHIRE-based mechanical engineer Allen Millyard has just posted a clip on YouTube of his latest project, a Honda ‘SS180’ V-twin using a 1975 C90 engine with an extra cylinder.

The result is essentially an SS50 that goes 80mph.

Millyard is famous for outlandish builds like the 500bhp Viper 10. His past creations include an ‘SS100’ V-twin, also based on an SS50.

A message under the new video on Millyard’s YouTube channels says: ‘This is my Millyard Honda SS180 V Twin. The engine is based on a 1975 C90 with an extra cylinder. Top speed is around 80mph’

That only leaves one question as far as we can see: can we have a go?

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