5 reasons why mid-Wales is the UK’s top adventure biking destination

There's more to Wales than just sheep and shit weather...

Ride the Wild

WALES may be best known for its sheep and shit weather, but it’s also the Mecca of off-road riding in the UK.

Late last year we spent a couple of gloriously sunny days with the husband and wife team that is Ride The Wild, adventuring across Mid-Wales and South Snowdonia.

But what makes the land of the leeks so wonderful? Read on to find out…

The people (or lack thereof)

Sandwiched between the old industrial towns of Wales’ Southern valleys and the busy touristy mountains of the North, Mid-Wales is an altogether quieter affair, comprising rolling Cambrian mountains, grazing farmlands and a distinct lack of people. Central Wales has around 30 people per square kilometre - that’s less than a tenth of the population density endured by their English neighbours. All that empty space means more places to ride and fewer people to complain.