2011 Z750R vs. 2013 Z800

A comparison of the outgoing Z750R's specs against the new Z800's

How does the new Z800 stack up against the Z750R on paper?

The Z800 boasts 58cc extra and a slightly higher comparession ratio up from 11.3:1 to 11.9:1, giving it 6bhp more at the top end and an extra 5ftlb of torque, slightly lower in the rev-range compared to the Z750.

The final drive is different too, with the Z800 carrying a 45-tooth rear sprocket, up 2 teeth from the Z750R which will aid acceleration and throttle response.

Despite the Z800's engine being 1kg lighter, the Z750R is 5kg lighter all-in and that's including the Z750R's additional 1.5litres of fuel capacity over the Z800.

There really isn't much in it on paper but subtle changes in ergonomics and chassis setup help the Z800 feel livelier than the Z750R.

Power105bhp @ 10,500rpm111bhp @ 10,200rpm
Torque55ftlb @ 8,300 rpm60ftlb @ 8,000 rpm
Bore and stroke68.4 x 50.9mm71 x 50.9mm
Compression ratio11.3:111.9:1
Final drive15/4315/45
Front suspension41mm USD fork. Adjustable rebound and preload.41mm USD fork. Adjustable rebound and preload.
Rear suspensionBottom-Link Uni-Trak. Adjustable rebound and preload.Bottom-Link Uni-Trak. Adjustable rebound and preload.
Steering angle62-degrees62-degrees
Seat height825mm834mm
Fuel capacity18.5-litres17-litres
Wet Weight224kg229kg

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