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Five things the London Mayor could blame for moped crime instead of motorcycles

Sadiq Khan has said motorcycle firms should ‘design out’ moped crime. So what about this lot?

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Submitted by Steve Farrell on Fri, 26/01/2018 - 10:02

Five things the London Mayor could blame for moped crime instead of motorcycles


THIS week has seen disagreement between London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the motorcycle industry.

Khan wants motorcycle firms to ‘design out’ moped crime in the capital by making bikes harder to steal.  

The Motorcycle Industry Association says if there was ‘magic bullet’ that could be fitted to bikes to stop theft, they’d be doing it.

Khan said at a moped crime summit on Tuesday: “This is a problem that cannot be solved with policing alone... It is essential that the manufacturers step up to help us tackle this problem at the source. Put simply, the design of motorcycles make[s] them far too easy to steal and this must be dealt with head-on at the point of design if we are to rid our streets of these crimes.”

But isn't it the nature of motorcycles that makes them stealable? And can we really demand of a company that it design out a crime committed with its product?

If so, here are five other products whose makers should be held to account over moped crime in the capital:

1. Hammers 

They seem to be one of the favoured weapons of moped gangs, yet what are hammer makers doing about it? If you ask me, the design of hammers makes them far too easy to hit people on the head with.

2. Balaclavas

The crims like to hide their faces in these and it is essential that the makers step up and help us tackle the problem. Put simply, there is hole in the neck of these devices which makes them far too easy for criminals to put on.

Five things the London Mayor could blame for moped crime instead of motorcycles"

3. Acid 

What are acid producers doing to make their acid less acidic? Or more difficult to squirt? It should be solid, and water: ice.

4. Mobile phones 

Anything so portable and valuable is a crime waiting to happen. Why aren’t they wired into a terrestrial network so they can’t be moved? And what are the manufacturers doing to make them more worthless?

5. Knives 

This is a problem that cannot be solved with policing alone. Can I suggest spoons?






What a load of sensationalist twaddle. This story adds absolutely nothing to the debate and is a very lazy example of journalism.

Try harder.

It's a joke you melt..... DOH!

If you don't understand for FFS don't comment.

I understand that the article is intended as a 'joke'...It's just not very funny.
It is, however, very lazy...As per the author's usual style of journalism.

An article that reads like it belongs in MCN, it was that poor.

The Mayor makes a valuable point that takes from the lessons learnt in making cars harder to steal - designing out vulnerability. In partnership with more and better bike parks and more policing we can approach the problem from many directions.

And explain to me how you "design out" the problem that even top end physical security can be chopped off with an angle grinder in seconds, then Dindu just pushes the bike away using a scooter and flogs it to a chop shop that parts it out for more than its value as a running bike.

Go on, I'd love to hear it. Does it involve vague hand waving, and "Yeahbut, basically..." dissembling?

I feel like any validity your argument may have had is lost because you imply that the only people stealing bikes are foreign.

The argument is MOST valid... Physical protection is removed in seconds and negated by 2 persons and a white van. Sadly, scumbags (regardless of heritage) are stealing our rides. GPS and other technologies can be added... but the scum will soon find solutions to deal with those too. Better values should be upheld, more police, better enforcement and longer sentences for offenders (perhaps coupled with lower sentences for vigilante justice).

Data Tag/Smart water type materials integrated into valuable parts that can be scanned readily. The tech already exists. Tracker devices inside the frame meaning they have to be chopped out destructively to be removed. Key to reducing theft motive is reducing potential profitability, and incidentally making policing more effective. How many times are stolen parts recovered but cannot be proven to be stolen.
I'm not a designer and that took seconds. Let's see what a professional can come up with and get your head out of the bucket.

And who is responsible for at least one of those? Khan!

Instead of spending £142m on a cycle way in Islington along Camden Road!!!!!

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