Your questions answered with Liz from Sorrymate | Legal Q&A

Are you confused by the Highway Code changes, and unsure if that last spill was your fault or the other road user? Did you come off whilst trying to avoid mud, oil or sheep?

Sorrymate solicitors sat on their bikes

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Sorrymate is the specialist motorcycle law firm set up by bikers for bikers. They don’t just care about you, they care about your bike. 

Case example

When you go on holiday to the Isle of Man to watch the TT the last thing you expect is to be carted off to Nobles Hospital by Air Ambulance because someone else doesn’t know what they are doing.

That’s exactly what happened to our client. He contacted Sorrymate and Fergus took on the case.

Interesting (at least lawyers might find it interesting) is the fact that the Isle of man has a separate legal system so the first hurdle was making sure we could look after him.

Once that was sorted, months of rehabilitation, all paid for by the insurance company of the other party, commenced and ultimately, we managed to recover a gross settlement of £155,000.00.

He is now back on a bike and has also returned to the Isle of man on more than one occasion.

Liz’s Bio

Having ridden pillion for decades, I finally found the time and money to take my own test, well into my 50s.  

Thrilled to be at the pointy end I bought a Kawasaki ER6N as a good first bike. My excitement was short-lived, as six weeks after passing my test I binned the ‘bike and ended up wedged in a hedge, unconscious with a broken neck and wrenched shoulder.

Unsurprisingly, the doctors were unhappy about me returning to riding (or pole fitness, my other passion) until my neck had healed, but I got back to it as soon as I could, buying a cheap old Ducati Monster.

I currently ride a Triumph Tiger 800 XRX but have had a variety of ‘bikes in between.

Trying to make up for lost time, I have done some overseas tours (America and Europe, hoping to go further afield soon), off-roading and green-laning. I have yet to work up the courage to do a track day but it’s only a matter of time.

I am proud to have worked at Sorrymate for many years, exclusively for injured motorcyclists in complex high-value accident claims.  The team at Sorrymate is made up of fellow bikers with a variety of ‘bikes and motorcycling history.

I qualified as a solicitor in 2001 as a second career. I studied for my law degree part-time, working full-time and bringing up my children.

My previous lives include running a company hand-rearing rare parrots, birds of prey and penguins, whilst living in a zoo (yes, really). I also worked for several years for the NHS in an administrative capacity, and as a legal secretary before the opportunity to study for a career as a lawyer presented itself.

My hobbies are varied and many but include motorcycling (naturally), running, art, cooking, baking and pole-fitness.