How to keep your kit safe and dry when riding a motorcycle


Keeping your spare kit and clothing dry in wet weather makes riding a motorcycle a much more pleasurable experience – here’s how it’s done

How to keep your kit safe and dry when riding a motorcycle

DESPITE spring arriving here in the UK, the chances of being caught in a deluge are still pretty high. Riding a motorcycle in those kinds of conditions is already miserable enough, and that’s without having to change into soaking wet clothing when you do arrive.

To avoid this misery, waterproof luggage is a must; but which products are right for you, your bike, and the way that you use it?

To help you make that decision, we’ve trawled the product catalogue of motorcycle luggage and accessory specialists GIVI, to bring you some of their highlight products that will keep your kit dry whatever the weather.

Isn’t all ‘waterproof’ motorcycle luggage the same?

In short, no. Despite many products on the market boasting claims to be ‘waterproof’, in reality, not all waterproof motorcycle luggage is created equal. It all comes down to IP ratings, which help to tell you the item’s effectiveness against driving rain and moisture.

Adequate protection for motorcycle riding in all weather can be achieved by looking at products that have an IPX5 level rating. Roughly translated it means the product can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. Generally speaking, that’s good enough to keep you and your kit dry on even the wettest of rides.

All the products we are going to look at in this article are rated IPX5.

Waterproof rucksacks

Speaking as somebody who commutes into London frequently and in the weather, I can tell you how important a good quality waterproof rucksack is. I’ve also felt the pain that comes from arriving at the office only to find my laptop had drenched on the way in. Not good…

To prevent this, a decent waterproof rucksack is a must-have item. Two items that would fit the bill perfectly are the GIVI EA148 (above) and GIVI EA129 (top). Both boast IPX5 level ratings due to their waterproof high frequency taped inner lining. They also have reflective areas, adjustable straps, and a host of other features to make everyday life easier.

Waterproof cargo bags for most motorcycle types

If it’s got a luggage rack or suitable pillion seat, you might want to boost the luggage carrying potential of your bike by looking at something like a waterproof cargo bag. With IPX5 ratings, you can be sure your kit is safe and sound, and when you need to get off the bike and move your kit around, the shoulder straps and carry handles of bags like the GIVI GRT712B make life so much easier!

With varying shapes and sizes (from eight up to 40-litres), these kinds of bags can also be mounted in a multitude of places, from the front mudguard, crash bars, and even on another rucksack!

Waterproof leg bags

Waterproof leg bags are an excellent companion, whether you’re touring by motorcycle, adventure riding, or just commuting to work. They keep your vital documents, money, and tech close to hand, safe, secure, and above all else, dry!

Waterproof inner bags for adventure motorcycles

Regardless of how waterproof your panniers or top-box claim to be, the protection offered can be bolstered with the addition of some waterproof liners to go in them. They are quick and easy to install, take up no extra room within the pannier, and can actually make it easier when you need to empty the pannier – as all the kit is held within the liner.

GIVI produces a range of waterproof liners to suit a range of pannier sizes, from 35 to 56-litre. They are a great addition for those riding an adventure bike with aluminium cases fitted. The waterproofing of each of these is so good, they can even be mounted on top of the cases or even on the pillion seat if needed.

To check out these products in more detail, head over to:

Top tips for picking the correct waterproof luggage for you

·       Look for IPX5 rating or higher

·       Buy the best you can afford from an approved dealer

·       Check and double-check the sizes before ordering

·       Think about how you ride, and how you will use the luggage

·       Using multiple, smaller products can be a better option than simply one large item

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