28 Reasons Why You NEED To Go To National Motorcycle Museum LIVE!

National Motorcycle Museum LIVE 2022 is here, with a host of activities and free entry – here are 28 reasons to go!

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THE National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) is a jewel of a place and falls firmly into the ‘use it or miss out’ category of motorcycle attractions. For October it will again be hosting National Motorcycle Museum LIVE, and here are 28 good reasons to go along.

28. It’s free! How many other UK motorcycle events are free? Parking isn’t, but bikes are.

As you’d expect, travelling to the NMM by motorcycle will see you enjoying the perk of free parking – although four wheels will not. Oh, and you best give the bike a quick clean before you go – the bike park at this event is like a motorcycle show in itself!

27. You can see Henry Cole and Friends live on stage.

The UK’s most famous prime-time TV show will be sending the stars of the series to the NMM specifically for National Motorcycle Museum Live – see below for more about them.

26. You can go shopping in the large indoor trade area. Held within the warm & dry surroundings of both the National Motorcycle Museum and our conference facilities.

Who doesn’t love picking up a bargain and helping out a local trader at the same time? The trade area will be hosting everything, from riding kit and clothing to memorabilia and even tools.

25. Check out displays from Central Wheel Components Ltd, H & H Classic Auctions and Sealey Tools.

Alongside the smaller traders, some bigger names will be showing their latest products and specialist workshop tools – perfect to help you finish that winter project you started three summers ago!

24. See bikes from BSA, Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield & Langen. FOR FREE!

It’s not just classic metal on show at the event, each of the manufacturers above will have bikes on display and experts on hand that you can chat to about the models.

23. Shop for Christmas gifts for your motorcycle fanatic friends at the museum shop. There are classic motorcycling books, clothing & memorabilia.

If you are looking to start your Christmas shopping early, the National Motorcycle Museum Live might be just the place to pick up those motorcycle-related gifts.

22. LIVE wheel-building demos.

Wheel building may look like witchcraft, but with the right tools and advice, it’s something any home mechanic can undertake. Head along to the wheel-building live demos for tips and tricks.

21. Meet and get an autograph from 8-time TT and multiple British Superbike race winner PETER HICKMAN!

He's best known for being the fastest road racer on the planet, after posting an absolute lap record on the Mountain Course with an average speed of 135.452 mph! Get him to talk you through a fast lap of the course, or simply grab a selfie with the FHO Racing BSB and TT star.

20. Meet and get an autograph from Henry Cole

In the Museum’s Britannia suite, Henry Cole will host a number of live shows, including Henry Cole and Friends, which will feature several guests from Cole’s TV shows including Allen Millyard and the stars you can see below.

19. Autographs galore! Meet and get an autograph from Allen Millyard.

18. …from Steve Plater.

17. …from Steve Parrish.

16. …from Sam Lovegrove!

15. See & HEAR some of the most famous race machines in the world started up in their LIVE start-up feature, hosted by Steve Plater.

Nothing beats hearing, seeing, and smelling race bikes being started up. TT and BSB legend Steve Plater will be on hand to get you closer than ever to the action.

14. Get up close and personal with ex-MotoGP bikes from Roger Charlesworth & Phil Morris Racing, plus the BROC PARKES 2014 PBM GP14 MOTO GP 1963 HONDA RC163 4CYL 4 STROKE REPLICA, 1997 EX-FACTORY DUCATI 750cc TWIN 4 STROKE WORLD SUPERSPORT, 1967 HONDA RC181 HAILWOOD REPLICA 500cc 4CYL 4 STROKE,  2005 HONDA 1000cc TT SUPERBIKE 4CYL 1000cc 4 STROKE, 1966 HONDA RC166 6CYL 250cc… See the timetable for more.

And if that isn’t enough, there is the dual start-up of the Honda Six/MV Three!

13. Genius special builder ALLEN MILLYARD will be firing up his monstrous Millyard Viper V10 with its 8-litre Dodge Viper engine producing 500 BHP!

One of the most bonkers motorcycles ever created will be at the show, as Allen Millyard will be bringing his custom-built Dodge Viper power motorcycle to the show.

12. Win a bike! (Maybe). The draw for the Best Classic Motorcycle Raffle Prize In The World.

Where else could you walk into a museum and walk out with one of the exhibits? Well, unless you are a member of the Oceans Eleven cast nowhere – expect for the National Motorcycle Museum Live! The summer 2022 raffle to win a gorgeous 1958 BSA DBD 34 Gold Star will be drawn by Henry Cole live on stage during the afternoon of Sun 30/10/22.

11.  The artistic savant and creator of the famous “Milestones” TT Calendars, Rachael Clegg, will be launching (and signing!) her new book: The Isle of Man TT Races.

10. Want tips on how and why to paint your bike? Meet Bad Dog Customs (Motorcycle Painters To The Museum).

Painting is a lot like wheel building, sometimes it’s best left to the experts! Get some top hints and tips from Bad Dog Customs, one of the best paint shops in the UK.

9. Meet Bournes Powder Coaters (Motorcycle Coating Services To The Museum).

8. Meet Central Wheel Components (Wheel Builders To The Museum/Live Demo)


7. Ever want to speak to people whose creative minds thought up the machine you love? Meet Norman Hyde (Legendary Triumph Development Engineer) and author of “Triumph Experimental”

6. Triumph not your thing? Then meet Brian Crighton. The Norton Rotary Race Bike Development Engineer.

The man behind the famous Norton F1 rotary race bikes will be at the show, to talk about the historic machines and his stunning modern project, the CR700

5. Guided museum tours With Rick Parkington

4. Meet the Museum Restoration Team: Museum Foyer

3. Meet John Moore (Military Motorcycle Restorer/Expert)

1. See all the bikes! The National Motorcycle Museum holds the largest collection of British Motorcycles in the World.