Five tips for keeping your licence clean

Because points do not win prizes

Sitting on nine points? Terrified of your insurance renewal? Need a clean licence for your job? Well, sell the bike and buy a nice Honda Jazz is our advice.

Seriously though, while we would always advise simply ‘don’t speed’, even the most cautious road users can suffer a monetary lapse and some people just seem to be a magnet for points.

Don’t be like them, with our five tips.

1. Note where speed cameras are most likely to be

Nine times out of 10, speed cameras are located either where there's been previous crashes or where they're likely to catch a lot of speeders. That usually means car speeders, since bikes are a tiny minority on the road. So wide, clear straight roads, especially if the limit has just changed down to a 30 from a 40, say, are very likely to have a camera on them. 

Cameras are unusual on motorways, except for those with variable speed zones, or roadworks. There are exceptions though: the feds in Cumbria often put a camera van on a motorway bridge.

50mph stretch of the A1 = very likely





busker's picture

Here in Oz we have a lot of red light speeding cameras. I haven't got a ticket yet and I think the secret of my success is never speeding through intersections and basically behaving 90% of the time. And picking the other 10% wisely.

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Don't ride like an idiot.

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