2019 BMW R1250 RS and R revealed

Naked -R and sporty touring -RS versions of the new R1250 Boxer unveiled in Milan

2019 BMW R1250 RS

THE 1200 version of this was a bit of a cracker on the quiet – more than enough power, loads of toys, very decent sport-touring handling, it was like a short person's sporty GS. The styling was a bit Marmite in places, but we gave it a big thumbs-up from the launch.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we’re now getting a 1250 version, with the all-new Boxer lump. So there’s 11bhp more peak power (up to 136bhp from 125) and 13 more ft-lbs of torque too, from 92ft lb to 105 ft lb, from the 1,254cc (up from 1,170cc). The ShiftCam variable valve timing and lift system also comes over, with its two-position sliding cams, giving special low- and high-speed cam profiles, optimising the valvetrain over a wider area of the rev range.

Apart from the engine, the bodywork and paint jobs are all tweaked, it has a full LED headlight, and there is a massive new range of optional fit items. From extra riding modes, electronic suspension systems, tyre pressure monitoring, up- and down-quickshifter, chromed bits, cruise control, luggage – basically, you can probably spend the GDP of Andorra on tricking up your R1250 RS. And you definitely should – the old ‘un was a top bike, and this new one will no doubt be even sharper!


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