Top Ten naked bikes in 2018 - so far

Naked bikes are a top pick for many. But which one tops the sales charts?

Top Ten naked bikes in 2018 - so far

LAST WEEK we told you which adventure bikes ruled the roost when it comes to 2018’s UK sales so far and now it’s the turn of naked roadsters.

Their overall sales are far lower than those for oh-so-fashionable adventure machines, but it’s still a strong category. And while the BMW R1200 GS has an insurmountable lead in its adventure class, outselling its nearest rival by an order of magnitude, it’s much closer in this class.

Every manufacturer has something to offer in this class, but which are the bikes that make the most convincing buying argument to real-world customers? Read on to find out.

10: Yamaha MT-09 SP: 113 registered, Jan-Mar 2018

Yamaha’s MT range has been smashing it in the naked class ever since the MT-09 was first brought to the market, so it’s no surprise to see the latest addition to the MT range – the ‘SP’ version of the revamped, second-generation MT-09 – in this list. In the first quarter of 2018 113 buyers forked out for the Ohlins-suspended SP instead of the stock model.

Yamaha MT-09 SP review | Visordown road test

9: Yamaha MT-09: 114 registered, Jan-Mar 2018

Just beating the MT-09SP by a single registration, we have the basic MT-09. Still a class act in the naked category thanks to a charismatic, powerful three-cylinder engine and oh-so-tempting price, it was always bound to be in this list.

8: Honda CBF125: 145 registered, Jan-Mar 2018

The CBF is about as straightforward a motorcycle as you can buy, and there’s little doubt that learners and training schools are responsible for many of the 145 sales in the first quarter of the year. Still, how many of us didn’t learn to ride on one of these or its CG125 predecessor?

6=: KTM 390 Duke: 150 registered, Jan-Mar 2018

The 390 Duke sits in something of a class of its own, the 373cc single meaning it’s a step above the 250cc and 300cc singles offered by others, but a shelf below the 650cc twins and fours. It’s clearly not an unnecessary stepping stone, though, as 150 buyers in three months proves.

6=: Honda CB650: 150 registered, Jan-Mar 2018

Another stalward of the naked market, the CB650 might not bear the  ‘Hornet’ name anymore but it’s still very much that legendary machine’s descendant. It was revamped for 2017, but the onset of Honda’s neo-retro look for the CB125R, CB300R and CB1000R this year makes us wonder if there isn’t a similar treatment waiting in the wings for the CB650…