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Five mistakes to avoid on the road

Tips to make you safer

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 22/06/2017 - 12:26

Five mistakes to avoid on the road

By Alan Dowds

THERE'S plenty of danger to avoid when you're riding on the road. And while most of it comes from other people, sometimes we put ourselves at unnecessary risk too. Here are five hazardous mistakes that you should avoid when riding on the street.

1. Overtaking near a junction

This is a gold-level cock-up, and one that's really easy to do for novices and experienced riders alike. In busy traffic, you can get into the overtaking groove, buzzing past car after car. Then – boom – you're flying over the bonnet of a car that just turned right in front of you as you went to overtake.

The cure for this is simple – don’t overtake anywhere near a right turn. Cars will turn without indicating or warning – maybe the satnav just announced the turn, maybe the driver is on their phone. Keep your spidey senses tuned for hidden driveways, lanes, narrow roads, even a layby – and be ready for a car to turn into it without warning.

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