Versus: Yamaha Vity 125 vs Honda Vision 110

In this Japanese battle of the commuter-focused small capacity scooter we have the Honda Vision 110 versus the Yamaha Vity 125. One has a 1980s name we all remember, the other is simply stuck in the 1980s.

Which one is better though?

Reasons to buy Yamaha Vity 125

Reasons to buy Honda Vision 110

  • The Vity has a handy rear luggage rack as standard, ideal for a bit of shopping
  • It's built by Honda so should last
  • There's room under the seat for a full-size helmet
  • The Vision is a classic (if unexciting) name from the very early days of modern automatic scooters
  • There's also storage behind the legshields 
  • It has Honda's excellent Combined Braking System as standard
  • Honda claim 141.8mpg, a figure not to be sniffed at
  • It looks quite stylish, whilst retaining that 'blend into the crowd' commuted
  • It has 14" wheels for added stability

      Price: £2099
      Capacity: 125cc
      Power: 8.5hp
      Dry weight: 110kg 
      Seat height: 730mm

      Price: £1899
      Capacity: 108cc
      Power: 8.31hp
      Wet weight: 102kg 
      Seat height: 755mm

Our choice: Honda Vision 110

The Yamaha Vity failed to impress us; for starters it costs £200 more than the Honda, despite having 1980s-inspired styling, not a particularly good decade for fashion as it happens. Like a floppy mullet, this look is well past its sell by date. The uninspiring looks and sluggish engine (despite being fuel injected) means it isn’t really a close second on our scooter shopping list. The winner for us in this battle has to be the Honda Vision. It’s a fairly good looking commuter machine, it’s well priced, not too slow and only needs filling up once in a blue moon.