Versus: Honda Vision 110 vs Honda PCX125

A resurrected scooter name from the past brought bang-up-to-date, or a modern sleek 125cc machine? Both from the same manufacturer but both very different

Which is the the better buy?

Reasons to buy Honda PCX125

Reasons to buy Honda Vision 110

  • It's fuel efficient (130mpg) and also has idle stop technology to lower consumption by a further 5%
  • The Vision is very good on fuel; Honda claim 141.8mpg and it's quite believable too
  • It's fuel injected and liquid cooled
  • Lower insurance costs thanks to the cc. It's a group lower than the PCX125
  • The styling is modern
  • Parked side-byside in a bike bay the Vision is less likely to get nicked
  • The engine makes 11.17hp. nearly three more than the Vision
  • It has flat footboards so you can stow a bag between your legs
  • Good weather protection, the screen may not be large but it deflects the wind nicely
  • It's perfectly equipped to take a passenger and they won't be embarrassed to get on board

      Price: £2600
      Capacity: 124.9cc
      Power: 11.17hp
      Dry weight: 124.4kg 
      Seat height: 761mm

      Price: £1899
      Capacity: 108cc
      Power: 8.31hp
      Wet weight: 102kg 
      Seat height: 755mm

Our choice: PCX125

Although the Honda Vision is perfectly adequate, not bad looking, cheaper to run and costs a whopping £701 less than the PCX125, it isn’t quite as useful as its bigger stable mate. If you’re able to ride a 125 and can afford a bit of extra cash, the PCX125 is a fantastic scooter. It will cope with motorways and a passenger without feeling like it’s struggling or underpowered. If you’re planning to keep hold of your scooter for more than a year, it’s worth opting for something a bit more substantial, so there can be only one winner: The PCX125.