Versus: Honda PS125i vs Honda SH125

Honda versus Honda in the battle of the 125cc scooters. One is bristling with technology. The other has recently been discontinued, but still offers great value for money second-hand. Which should you choose?

Which one is the the better buy?

Reasons to buy Honda PS125i

Reasons to buy Honda SH125

  • Although the models has been dropped from the Honda range, good deals are still to be had on new bikes at dealers
  • It offers excellent fuel economy of 133.9mpg, aided by Idle Stop technology. Stop for three seconds and the engine cuts out. Open the throttle again, and away you go.
  • Styling is similar to the SH125 so that shouldn't put you off
  • You get a colour-coded top box as standard
  • The liquid-cooled, fuel injected engine produces a claimed 13.5hp, more than most 125cc scooters
  • Styling is conservative, yet modern and sleek without making you look like a geek
  • It'll do around 70mph so it's good for dual carriageway use and the odd motorway blast
  • ABS is available for an extra £150

      Price: £2,850
      Capacity: 125cc
      Power: 13.5hp
      Dry weight: 135kg 
      Seat height: 800mm

      Price: £2,850 (ABS £3,000)
      Capacity: 125cc
      Power: 11.6hp
      Wet weight: 134kg 
      Seat height: 799mm

The winner:

If you could pick up a brand new one for £2,195 the PS125i would be a great buy. It isn’t quite as up-to-date as the SH125 though and because the model has been dropped it won’t fare as well on the used market in a couple of years when you want to trade it in.

Because it’s such a good all-round scooter, we recommend the SH125