Versus: Honda PCX 125 vs Honda SH125

Conventional commuter styling or modern Japanese good looks? That’s the choice if you’re torn between these two fine 125cc scooters

Which one is the the better buy?

Reasons to buy Honda PCX125

Reasons to buy Honda SH125

  • It's a Honda, well-built and reliable
  • It comes with the excellent enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine with better fuel economy (133.pmpg) and a bit more power compared to the older model
  • It's fuel efficient (130mpg) and also has idle stop technology to lower consumption by a further 5%
  • 16" wheels aid stability, a noticeable difference over rougher ground
  • The PCX125 looks better when riding two-up, the styling suits a passenger better than on the SH
  • You get a colour coded top box as standard, store your items easily
  • Lower seat height will suit shorter riders
  • The higher seat height and 'sit up and beg' riding position help you to get noticed and aid rider visibility
  • Honda's CBS combined braking means you'll stop safely
  • Styling is conservative, yet modern and sleek without making you look like a geek
  • You can store a full-face lid under the seat
  • Flat footboards are better for storing bags if need be and gives the rider leg room

      Price: £2600
      Capacity: 124.9cc
      Power: 11.17hp
      Dry weight: 124.4kg 
      Seat height: 761mm

      Price: £2,850 (ABS £3,000)
      Capacity: 125cc
      Power: 11.6hp
      Wet weight: 134kg 
      Seat height: 799mm

The winner:

Both of these scooters are fantastic machines in their own right. The SH is the most popular scooter in many European cities, thanks to the large wheels. They help the rider get over roughly cobbled streets without losing their fillings. Its flat footboards score valuable points too with its new eco friendly engine and fine chassis. It comes at a price though, £2850. For £250 less you’re still getting a fantastic scooter, made by the same company and with most of the SH’s good points (Idle Stop/CBS) but you’ll have enough change to buy a years insurance.

The PCX125 wins this battle.