Versus: Honda CBF125 vs Honda CBR125

Both are 125s and both are built by the big H. But which one deserves your cash?

Which one is the the better buy?

Reasons to buy Honda CBF125

Reasons to buy Honda CBR125

  • It's £999 cheaper 
  • Better looking and you're more likely to cherish the bike
  • The CBF returned 99mpg, eight more than the CBR
  • The liquid-cooled engine makes 2hp more
  • No front fairing means you have a larger steering lock angle and so a better turning circle
  • Sportier with a 130mm rear tyre, instead of only 100mm on the CBF
  • In cheaper insurance group four, instead of six
  • Crucially, the six-speed gearbox allows the bike to hold 70mph and keep up with motorway traffic
  • Soft suspension makes it very comfortable
  • Firmer, more sophisticated suspension
  • Engine feels more torquey
  • Has a smarter and more modern dash

      Price: £2,600
      Capacity: 124.7cc
      Power: 11.1hp
      Dry weight: 128kg 
      Seat height: 792mm

      Price: £3,599 
      Capacity: 124.7cc
      Power: 13.1hp
      Wet weight: 137kg 
      Seat height: 793mm

The winner:

Despite both being 125s and both being Hondas, they offer almost entirely different things to different people. The CBR125 is a sportier machine and more capable if you're looking to get the most out of your bike. But you can't ignore the £999 cheaper price-tag of the CBF, which also offers a lot of fun in its own right.

If you're young, you've just passed your motorcycle test, and you're restricted to a 125 then we recommend the CBR. You're more likely to cherish it over the two years you'll have with it. We also recommend it to riders who'll be commuting on motorways. It will hold 70mph and you won't end up jousting in between lorries at 65mph like on the CBF.

On the other hand, if your commute involves city riding, or you're just looking for a cheap second bike, then the CBF is the one to have. It has a tiny turning circle, very comfortable suspension and an upright riding position. And to sweeten the deal, you'll have £999 left in spare cash.