Niall's Spin: Kawasaki Z750

Niall passes on his wisdom and knowledge of Kawasaki's middleweight naked

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The Kawasaki Z750 has to be one of my preferred middleweights. Five and a half grand buys you this sharp looking, 100bhp naked bike with my all-time favourite engine size.

I like a bike with a planted feel from the front end and the Z750 delivers this as the riding position is quite front biased. The rear suspension is adequate but I'd recommend a shock upgrade for the serious rider who wants to get the best from decent rubber.

Although the handling was agile I found the rear struggled while accelerating hard over undulating or bumpy surfaces. I found the brakes good enough for the odd stoppie and they stayed consistent whether on the road or track. The engine delivers around 100bhp but is best at low and midrange power delivery as it runs out of steam at higher rpm.

Although this bike has been around for two years it still looks fresh from top to bottom. It's an ideal medium distance summer bike as you get very little protection from the elements. Then again you could just do as Heather with the weather says and 'wrap up warm'.