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Buyer Guide: Yamaha TDM 850 & 900

The ultimate buying guide for Yamaha’s TDMs by the people who actually own the bike...

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Touted as ‘the next big thing’, Yamaha’s hybrid had real appeal when it appeared in 1991. Some would say it defined a new class of bike. Unfortunately here in the UK, the bike buying public weren’t that impressed and didn’t splash out on them in huge numbers. Other manufacturers didn’t copy the concept although it was actually a very useful combination of an upright riding position from a big trailie allied to road wheels and tyres for better braking and cornering. So the TDM soldiered on, ploughing its own furrow.

It’s only fifteen years later we’re seeing mainstream rivals, bikes like Triumph’s 1050 Tiger, Ducati’s Multistrada  and there’s no shortage of BMW R1200GSs fitted with cast wheels and road tyres. They’re superb bikes and that’s because the TDM’s hybrid recipe is actually a winner.

So where does that leave the TDM, the bike which began it all? Sold at a discount in the UK, it’s the budget big capacity upright bike on the market. Owners love them for their many reasons but the fact they’re good value new or used and cheap to run feature pretty high on the list for most. Genuine versatility’s also a main attraction.

Ok, the TDM’s don’t quite have the performance of more modern rivals – they’re a little too soft and not quite powerful enough to mix it with the latest offerings. Most owners don’t care. They love these bikes because they’re simple, reliable, versatile and loads of fun to ride thanks to the torquey engine, sharp brakes and commanding riding position.

Just under 100 TDM owners filled in our online survey, telling us all about their bikes. That’s the biggest response we’ve ever had to the Visordown Buyer Guide. Don’t dismiss it as yesterday’s new; it offers an awful lot to loads of people in exchange for very little.

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Yamaha TDM Specifications

1991 Yamaha TDM 850

Engine l/c, 10v, carb’d, parallel twin, 849cc Power 78bhp @ 7,500rpm Torque 56fltb @ 6,000rpm
Dry weight 199kg Seat height 795mm Fuel capacity 18 litres Top speed 128mph

1996 Yamaha TDM 850

Engine l/c, 10v, carb’d, parallel twin, 849cc Power 78bhp @ 7,500rpm Torque 59ftlb @ 6,000rpm
Dry weight 201kg Seat height 795mm Fuel capacity 20 litres Top speed 130mph

2002 Yamaha TDM 900

Engine l/c, 10v, injected, parallel twin, 879cc, Power 85bhp @ 7,500rpm Torque 66ftlb @ 6,000rpm
Dry weight 190kg Seat height 825mm Fuel capacity 20 litres Top speed 135mph

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