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Buyer Guide: KTM 950 & 990 Adventure

Buy a perfect example of KTM’s hugely versatile adventure bike

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Pity poor BMW. They invent a whole new kind of bike, then develop and refine it over decades until it becomes a world beater. Then, after some half-baked Japanese imitations, some Austrian upstart pinches the idea and builds a machine better than the big BMW. To be fair, it’s a close call as to whether KTM’s Adventure really does have the measure of BMW’s GS. But there’s no denying, that for such a new bike, it’s gone from zero to hero almost instantly.

Like all the GS family of BMWs, the KTM 950 and 990 Adventures are very much multi-purpose tools. Yes they’re more than capable of round-the-world trips – taking in mountains, deserts and pretty much anything else Mother Earth can muster. But they’re good at loads more besides. They’re comfortable, practical and versatile. And most importantly, they’re fast and handle far better than their weird appearance would have you believe. This makes them stacks of fun, both on and off tarmac.

New KTM prices have just leapt up, so now clean, used machines make even more sense. Generally, the brand has a reputation for building exceptionally good quality machines, though on occasion it’s been known to drop the odd clanger – an iffy batch of main bearings on their single-cylinder Adventure a few years ago, for example. The internet is awash with rumours of problems with the 950 and 990s – as it is for so many bikes – but we’ve got the truth here thanks to the owners who filled in our online survey and told us about their bikes.

Fifty owners of the 990 version and 21 who have the earlier 950 gave us the lowdown on what these bikes are really like to live with. If you’re after the real truth about one of the most exciting bikes out there, read on and prepare to spend...

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KTM Adventure Specifications

2002 KTM 950 Adventure

Engine liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 942cc V-twin Power 98bhp @ 8000rpm Torque 70ftlb @ 6000rpm
Dry weight 198kg Seat height 880mm Fuel capacity 22 litres Top speed 130mph

2006 KTM 990 Adventure

Engine liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 999cc V-twin Power 98bhp @ 8500rpm Torque 70ftlb @ 6500rpm
Dry weight 199kg Seat height 880mm Fuel capacity 22 litres Top speed 130mph

2009 KTM 990 Adventure

Engine liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 999cc V-twin Power 104bhp @ 7800rpm Torque 74ftlb @ 6500rpm
Dry weight 209kg Seat height 860mm Fuel capacity 22 litres Top speed 135mph

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