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The ultimate buying guide for Yamaha’s TDMs by the people who actually own the bike...

The nuts & bolts

TDM 900 Tyres
The favourites for the 900 are Michelin Pilot Road 2 – they’re extremely well regarded if not cheap. Next is the Pirelli Diablo Strada, another premium sports touring tyre while Avon Storm ST and (the now superseded) Bridgestone BT-020 are joint third. If you’re looking for a budget option four owners use Continental Road Attacks and rate them highly. Original fitment Dunlop D220s and Metzeler MEZ4s are non well liked.

TDM 850 Tyres
Avon Storm ST’s are the most popular tyres TDM850 owners fitted to their bikes. They’re a great sports touring tyre and a few quid less than the big names. Michelin Pilot Road 2 are close behind with owners commenting on superb wet weather grip. Third are the budget but very capable Continental Road attacks. A handful of intrepid 850 riders have fitted dirt style rubber which boosts the TDM’s limited off road ability a little. Of these Pirelli Scorpions a nd Michelin Sirac and Anakee are recommended by owners.

Top tyres
Avon Storm ST – 17%
Michelin Pilot Road 2 – 14%
Continental Road Attack – 11%

Tyre life varies massively with use. The owners in our survey averaged 8,650 miles and 6,026miles front and rear respectively but the highest would be 20,000 front and 9,000 rear with the lowest  5,000 and 3,000.

Running costs
Fuel consumption’s something loads of owners flag up as one of their machine’s best qualities. 850 owners in the survey averaged 48mpg with the best being just over 60 and the worst 35. 900s are even more frugal, partly thanks to their sixth gear, fuel injection and lighter overall weight and average consumption in our survey was 53mpg. The best was 70 and the worst 35.

Other running costs are reasonable too. The first 850s were meant to be serviced every 4,000 miles but later 850s and 900s only need the attention every 6,000 miles. Three quarters of 850 owners do all their own servicing but garage bills aren’t too bad for those who don’t. Average price paid for a minor service is £109, for the intermediate it’s £166 and the major valve service due at 24,000 miles is £274. For the 900 the average costs were minor £124, intermediate £184, major with valves £287.

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Owner Case Study: "My TDM850’s covered about 80,000 miles"

Tony Davis has done about 60,000 of those over the last three years.

“It’s a great bike – the perfect all rounder. I have a few other bikes including a Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere and a Yamaha TRX850. They have similar engines. I love the torque and there’s power everywhere. The TDM’s so easy to ride. You can fling it about like a supermoto or you can hang off like a race rep.

“The regulator rectifier did go which blew all the bulbs and left me stranded at the side of the road. I replaced it with an RR98 unit from Electrix World (£54, 01491 682369). I also did the engine an injury but that was my fault. I didn’t check the oil when I got it and they do use a bit. It’s nothing to worry about as long as you top it up - but I didn’t. Anyway at about 50,000 miles I was caning it round the Nurburgring and it started to go. By the time I got home the oil was all milky and the engine was very sick.

“I replaced the suspension with an Ohlins shock and got the forks re-worked by Maxton. They’re probably worth as much as the bike itself but they make a huge difference. I got some stainless steel downpipes from eBay but they were cheap ones – bad copies of Delkevic and they needed quite a bit of bashing to fit. I’ve got them, a custom Y-piece with D&D stubby cans and it sounds great. I’ve got K&N pod filters too and I’ve re-jetted with 165 main jets.”

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